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Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian Way

There is a multitude of ways to relax, but nothing works as miraculously as a good body massage. Massage is regarded as a treatment, in which soft body tissues are manipulated with few functional and physical techniques. The word ‘Massage’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘massa’, which means to ‘to touch, to feel and to handle’. The therapy can be applied with the help of the fingers, hands, elbows, feet and forearm. One can use aids and equipment for specialized massage or can do it manually. Medical research has recorded that a therapeutic massage such as LomiLomi can help heal minor as well as major health problems, such as depression, anxiety, pain, heart problems and blood pressure, irregular blood circulation in the body, skin problems, etc.

 Hawaii Massage: Lomilomi 

A great place to vacation, The Hawaii Islands are also famous for its ancient massage methods. There are a few massage techniques, which are practiced and taught as regular subjects. The most popular of them is the Lomi Lomi. This art of massage concentrates on dispersing the congested body parts by moving the limbs like thumbs, palms, forearms and knuckles in rhythmic motions to relieve and rejuvenate the patient. The particular massage technique utilizes the power of prayer or ‘pule’, breath or ‘ha’ and energy or ‘mana’ to cure people. 

A commonly practiced massage art among the Hawaiian community, Lomilomi is now universally accredited and appreciated in the major parts of the world, including Japan and Europe. The traditional  practitioners of lomilomi generally do not believe in working in any spa or massage parlor. They treat their clients secretly at their residence. The Lomi Lomi practitioners ask their patients to change their food habits or diets, engage in activities of self-help, pray and meditate within the period of treatment. This holistic massage healing technique has been taught in many parts of the Hawaiian islands.  

School for Lomi Lomi and Faculty members 

The initial settlers from Polynesia gifted the Hawaiian islands with their own massage techniques, which was accepted whole-heartedly by the people of the Hawaii. The massage technique was traditionally practiced as a process of healing by the Hawaiian natives for improving the digestion. However, they were mostly practiced by the by the ruling chiefs of the land for luxury. Within a family, Lomi Lomi was practiced as a tool revitalize. The ’ōlohe lua’s or the Hawaiian martial arts masters too, practiced the massage technique. 

In order to find a Lomi Lomi practitioner and teacher, who teach The Art of Lomilomi  can be a challenge. One such  teach Jackie “Kapua” Tyler, LMT has been practicing this art for more than 20 years and specializes in Clinical Lomi, by sharing the sprit of aloha and lokahi. She practices in a clinic as a rehabilitative work specialist and a senior therapist at a popular spa. She teaches Lomi Lomi healing methods passed down by her teacher Dr. Maka’ala Yates and is currently teaching at Aloha School of Massage.

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